Our Areas of Activity

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Road Construction

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Bridge & Overpass

این عکس در قسمت فعالیت های عمران سازی جایگزین شود-بهسازی زمین

Ground Improvement

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Aida Stone Processing Center

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Bitumen Emulsion Factory

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Rayan Paint Factory

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Asphalt Plant

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Limestone Aggregate

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Limestone Block

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Sand & Gravel


Leading in the field of civil, industrial and mining activities.

About Us

OMRAN SAZEH KASHIGARI (Private Joint Stock) was established in Bandar Abbas, Iran in 2002. In about two decades of presence in civil engineering and construction industry, it has executed wide range of national projects in road construction, mining, ground improvement, and oil and gas sectors across the country, and with the help of almighty God and efforts and expertise of dedicated human resources it has obtained a great reputation and excellent track record. The company is accredited as Grade 1 contractor (Top Grade) in road and transportation sector by “Iran Management and Planning Organization”. It has also been qualified as a contractor in water and building sectors. The strategy of Omran Sazeh Kashigari has been to develop subsectors related to its main activities; therefore, it has established diverse manufacturing facilities including Aida Stone Processing Factory, Rayan Traffic Paint Factory, Bitumen Emulsion Factory, Asphalt and Concrete Production Plants, Sand, Gravel and Limestone Production Lines, to respond to the demand of clients in different areas.

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The words of the manager

Although OMRAN SAZEH KASHIGARI was founded in 2002, its history and foundation goes back to about two decades before that. In 1982, Mr. Hossein Dorsareh, a hard working young man with entrepreneurial sprite and without much capital at hand, initiated the journey by a decision to enter gypsum production industry. After two years of endeavour, he established his first small scale gypsum factory in a small town called Ruydar, located in Hormozgan province in south of Iran. Despite enormous challenges and ups and downs, he managed to expand his business and produce other materials such as sands and gravels. In the next milestone, he entered construction contracting domain under the name of “Hossein Dorsareh Contracting Company”. The company provided extensive services to local community by constructing roads in rural areas and creating job opportunities. As a family business, sons and daughters have had key roles to play in managing and developing the organization and they have been trained and involved in it since childhood. In 2002, the oldest son, Mr. Shahir Darsareh, established a new company named Omran Sazeh Kashigari, aiming to focus more professionally on Civil Engineering field and independently executed road construction projects. The investment and hard work in this area paid off well and the company grew rapidly. As years passed by, the old company gradually merged into the new one and since then all activities have been done under Omran Sazeh Kashigari. This company is now considered one of the top civil engineering organizations in south of Iran and is active in manufacturing and international trade as well.

Shahir Darsareh
Chief Executive Officer


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